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Celebrity dreams are quite common among people who have celebrity crushes and are super fans of people who are famous.

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person1: Ashley and Brandon are so close to each other, they spend all of their time together. Person2: Not necessarily, i asked Ashley yesterday and she told me that there was nothing between them, they're just platonic friends.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Imagine's about my favourite You Tubers danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil Trigger Warning in some of the imagines.

NEW blog launched in late 2013 with all the latest hot gossip on You Tubers from Amazing Phil to Zoella.

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It is unknown whether they are still dating, or when they broke up.

Dan's formspring said he was bi, and Phil's Facebook said he was bi.Justin Bieber and One Direction are just a few of the singers who are likely to be dreamt about by young impressionable fans.The more direct interaction you have with a celebrity, the more likely you are going to have a deeper connection with that person.If a fan is able to directly communicate and interact with a celebrity on twitter or You Tube, that fan is likely to form a deeper bond and connection.Just like Horror movies can have an impact on your dreams, watching a movie with a Hollywood star can sometimes cause them to show up in your dreams.When you spend all of your waking thoughts about a certain person, that person will start to show up in your dreams.

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