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(Austin) offers psychoeducational seminars and divorce support groups for individuals, couples and families who are struggling with the endings of important love relationships as well as building new ones.

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The following resources and tools are meant to be helpful as a starting place for researching and learning more about topics of interest to you.

Please note that this list is quite limited and that I have no influence over the content of these documents.

Learn to flow with the ins and outs of light and life.

Thursday, May 25th, 2017, PM- PM, Marquee See Full Program Master Walter Alpizar is a naturalist specializing in Molecular Energy Homeopathic, a homeopathic science based on electromagnetic frequencies and resonances.

For her own personal artwork she incorporates collage and encaustic techniques to create lyrical, ephemeral imagery. “Portrait Photography: Flowing with the Yin & Yang” This workshop presents portrait photography in both soft and harsh light.

Participants will experience the power of working with, and overcoming, the challenges of natural light to make beautiful portraits with a camera or even a smart phone, or may simply choose to be subjects for a unique portrait experience.

I am always looking for helpful materials, tools and feedback. Feel free to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Thanks and Best Wishes, Rebecca Davenport Anxiety | Chemical Dependency | Depression | Eating Issues | Lifestyle Management | Mindfulness | Mood Management | Parenting | Relationships | Self-Inflicted Violence | Suicide Prevention | Suicide – Local Resources | Trauma | Workplace – People Skills |Other Resources | Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Server?

pagename=home NYU Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry: Depression Screening.

The good news for collectors is that this is one area where there truly is something for every budget.

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