Dallas cowboy dating kim kardashian

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Hawkins Crawford Romo, on Monday.“Hawkins Crawford Romo is now a part of the Dallas Cowboys family,” a rep for the Cowboys said in a statement, confirming the new team member.Tony Romo's Dallas Cowboys are off to a 3-3 start, but there's nothing mediocre about this news: The quarterback's wife, Candice Crawford, is pregnant!

And just as naturally, the Austin-Kardashian hookup was compared to the Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson era.

That included an infamous blowup from Terrell Owens, who blamed a three-interception game by Romo on the singer.

Candice and Tony have been linked since last summer, and seem to be going hot and heavy still.

Kim and Miles have only been dating for a few months, and sports fans are hoping that the magic of dating a Kardashian keeps up and brings the team to victory this year -- come on, third time's a charm!

There are two reasons why celebrity gossip followers might believe Kim Kardashian is single: But the first example listed is purposely misleading, while the second is simply gross. News that she is "definitely dating" Miles Austin, a confirmation she had to make because the pair has not been seen together in awhile. Following a Fourth of July weekend spent shutting down clubs and meeting his girlfriend's family, Miles Austin can breathe a sigh of relief: The Kardashians have given Kim's new boyfriend their talentless seal of approval.

Before long, the eyes of the entire world will be focused upon Paris ... Was the Cowboys wide receiver referring to his team's dismal record, which sits at 1-5 and has Dallas unlikely to make the playoffs? Dallas Cowboys teammate Tony Romo, who has already dated Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, is now dating former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin made one of their first public appearances as a couple last night, stepping out at a private residence in Bel Air as guests Serena Williams' Pre-ESPYs House Party.

Along with one person who will not be winning any Father of the Year awards any time soon.

Following a 28-18 loss to the Washington Redskins, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are once again looking at a dour offseason, as fans start to legitimately wonder: Should #8 be under center when 2013 rolls around?

Now, due to who he's sleeping with, the Dallas Cowboys wideout is fulfilling the fantasies of men everywhere.

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