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Ancestral Family Names Include: OXENDINE, Fleming, Mathews, Morris, Righenour MYLES FAMILY HISTORY, 2nd Edition Compiled by Milton W. 205 Tri-Mountain Road Durham, CT 06422 860.349.1418 [email protected] January 2002 Residences: Occupations: References: IV.

2nd Thomas Myles (common law or neighborhood boyfriend?

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2 James Pyne {Pine) of Hempstead, Long Island, [Jan., 1640 the name disappears from the town records of Woodbury almost simultaneously with its appearance at Stamford, Con- necticut.

MEW YOR^- THE NEW YORK 1 (gnwafagital aitb jifograplical |lec0rt. After * Records of the Court of the Peculiar of the Custos and College of Vicars Choral, Woodbury, Exeter.

Because the original film and the cartoon series were so popular with children, they put Slimer in the film.

See more » (at around 1h 5 mins) When the Ghostbusters are being brought to City Hall, the police car has red and blue emergency lights.

39: David Oxendine 1 free white male under 5 1 10 to 15 1 50 to 60 2 free white females under 5 3 5 to 10 1 20 to 30 Stephen Oxendine 1 free white male under 5 1 10 to 15 1 30 to 40 1 free white female under 5 2 5 to 10 1 10 to 15 1 30 to 40 Data from Clark County 1840 census shows: David Oxendine 3 males 0-9 1 male 10-19 1 male 20-29 1 male 60-69 2 females 0-9 3 females 10-19 1 female 30-39]. Data from Bonnie Johnson, Jun 2001 says David Oxendine m.

] [ Data from the Edgar County (Paris, IL) 1830 Census shows at p.

4-M0048 PUBLISHED BY THE NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 226 West 58TH Street, New York. His probable age tends to prove the identity, for on his death in 1686, he left several grandchildren, and his oldest son was a man of mature years, so that he might very well have been 78 years of age, which would have been the age of James Pyne of Wood- bury in that year. Jonathan was one of the colony from Long Island which in 1690, settled in eastern New Jersey. Their children were Richard, William, David and Elias.

The titles in the books mentioned in the will of James Pyne of Hempstead, show that his religious sympathies were with the Puritans and suggest a reason for his coming to America. 1A 6 James Pyne {Pine) of Hempstead, Long Island, [Jan., He was one of the building committee of St. and joined in a petition for the incorporation of the church.* He seems to have left no children.

Five years after the events of the first film, the Ghostbusters have been plagued by lawsuits and court orders, and their once-lucrative business is bankrupt.

But when Dana has ghost problems again, the boys come out of retirement and are promptly arrested.

On the men's 5000m side, Sam Stabler, a Brit from Lamar State, held off two separate charges over the last 400 meters. The women's 10,000 meters was probably the class event of the night.

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