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I love a good dialogue, and if going back and forth with some of you can help anyone who has a question, I’m happy to do it!However, I want to note that these answers may not be the hearts and flowers that some of you are looking for. These are real questions and I want to give you all real answers. He is cool and cute and sweet and funny, but he sleeps around with a lot of girls.Penis erections can happen when someone is feeling really turned on but can also happen at other times. Be patient and wait for it to go away (and to come back at a better time).

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Most of these questions are rude, so you decide against asking them in the end.

Well done, you passed the test for being a decent human being. You still want to know the answers to those questions in your head, though! For I, a lesbian, shall answer your questions for you.

So with all that being said, lets get into this weeks topic: Does he like me? A week after we met, we agreed to just hook up and not catch feelings, but I think I like him. He calls me Baby and Babe and we text a lot (not as much anymore cause he’s a couple hours away working for the summer) and he has kissed me in front of our friends before too. – From Faith Hi Faith, First, I want to state that you can’t force him to like you.

He acts like he really cares about me, but he will randomly ignore me sometimes. Changing anything about yourself in order to get anyone to like you is a no-no.

Every week I will choose a topic that I see has gotten a lot of attention and answer a couple of your questions.

Like I said, I want to help you all as best as possible, but sometimes we are not going to agree and that’s okay!

When people are having really enjoyable sex they are usually feeling both desire and arousal at the same time.

So often these two things go together but often they don’t.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, but he could just like you because you guys are hooking up, nothing more. He smiles wen he sees me, always stares at me, but sometimes whenever he sees me around him, he tries to stay out of my sight… – From Anonymous Hi Anonymous, I’m not sure what you mean by “he made me his friend.” Hopefully you are friends with him because you like him as a person and like spending time with him.

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