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They thought you were just going to be making fun of people’s profiles the whole time? It’s not interesting to me to mock someone’s physical appearance.But, like, there was a white guy whose profile said “Hip hop dies with me.” Or, like, guys who neg you in their profiles before you’ve even met them.

There kind of aren’t enough hyphens out there to string together a professional identity for Lane Moore. , a traveling comedy event that brings people together on a stage to scroll through the famously straightforward dating app. I signed up for Tinder and realized: this is so ripe for comedy.

So she’s got a lot going on, and for the past three years, one of her most notable things-going-on is Tinder Live! Tinder Live started about three years ago, the first time I got on Tinder.

HF – Have fun HFAC – Holy flipping animal crackers H-FDAY – Happy Father’s Day HHIS – Head hanging in shame HL – Half Life ( I2 I – too (me too) IA8 – I already ate IAAA – I am an accountant IAAD – I am a doctor IAAL – I am a lawyer IAC – In any case IAE – In any event IANAC – I am not a crook IANAL – I am not a lawyer IAO – I am out () IB – I’m back IC – I see ICAM – I couldn’t agree more ICBW – It could be worse ICEDI – I can’t even discuss it ICFILWU – I could fall in love with you IDC – I don’t care IDK – I don’t know IDTS – I don’t think so IDUNNO – I don’t know IG2R – I got to run IGH2N – I got high tonight IGN – I (I’ve) got nothing IGN – Internet Gaming Network IGP – I got to (go) pee IHNI – I have no idea IIRC – If I remember correctly IIIO – Intel inside, idiot outside IK – I know IKR – I know, right ?

ILBL8 – I’ll be late ILU – I love you ILUM – I love you man ILY – I love you IM – Instant message IMAO – In my arrogant opinion IMHO – In my humble opinion Im L – () ITYK – I thought you knew IUSS – If you say so IWALU – I will always love you IWAWO – I want a way out IWIAM – Idiot wrapped in a moron IYKWIM – If you know what I mean IYO – In your opinion IYSS – If you say so j00 – You j00r – Your JA – Just Acting JAC – Just a sec JAM – Just a minutes Jellie – Jealous Jelly – Jealous JFF – Just for fun JFGI – Just Fuck Google it JIC – Just in case JJA – Just joking around JK – Just kidding JLMK – Just let me know JMO – Just my opinion JP – Just playing JP – Jackpot () KDFU – Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) fucked up KEWL – Cool KEYA – I will key you later KEYME – Key me when you get in KFY – Kiss for you KIA – Know it all KIA – Killed In Action KISS – Keep it simple, stupid KIT – Keep in touch KOC – Kiss on cheek KOL – Kiss on lips KOTC – Kiss on the cheek KOTL – Kiss on the lips KNIM – Know what I mean?

For those not in the know, Zoë Kravitz is so much more than her father's daughter.

LOLAWOLF is the model/singer/bandleader/all around badass' brainchild, a glittery, synth electro-pop band that's equal parts insanity and melody.

People assume that I was on Tinder for a long time before coming up with this, but it was more like I set up a Tinder account and my whole brain exploded. Even if people don’t use Tinder or other dating apps, the comedy of bad dates is so universal. It’s about online dating, it’s about how we date now, it’s about how we communicate with each other online and the way that people often don’t know how to market themselves very well.

One of the things I’m really proud of is that a lot of the people who’ve been to the show or wrote press stuff on it will say that they expected something that was really trolly and mean, and they were happy that it was actually a really positive show. The show doesn’t punch down; I try to make sure that that’s the case.

The best numbers I found were from a phone survey of 1,501 children, ages 10 to 17, who used the internet regularly.

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