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Courts have long allowed states to place restrictions on convicted sex offenders who have completed their sentences, controlling where many of them live and work and requiring them to register with police.

But the increasing use of social networks for everyday communication raises new, untested issues.

They had determined adults were using them to luring children into meeting through those private chat rooms.

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While this misuse of the internet is a story in and of itself, it is one which I will only briefly cover here.

Yahoo has claimed that they do not monitor their chatrooms, but speaking as an experienced Yahoo chat room user I can say they most certainly do not stand back from the rooms.

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A simple look at the types of names that users created would set off an alarm for most people of common sense.

In October 2005, Yahoo shut down the popular Yahoo Teen Chat. The trendy social network made a gruesome discovery.

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recently publicized it was closing their chat rooms.

In Nebraska, the decision allowed sex offenders to join social networks.

And in Louisiana, a new law lets offenders use the Internet for shopping, reading news and exchanging email.

The bans generally forbid offenders to join social networks or chat rooms or use instant-messaging programs — just a few of the online tools that civil liberties advocates say have become virtually indispensable to free speech.

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