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At the Games Rating Authority we are committed to providing as much helpful information as we can about video game ratings.

We can’t tell you how good, bad or indifferent a video game might be, but we will supply detailed content information (the amount and type of violence, bad language, sex, etc, in a game), so that you can be absolutely certain you are making the correct purchasing decision.

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William York UGA's Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.

GLYDE-II, an XML standard for data exchange that has been accepted as the standard protocol by the leading carbohydrate databases in the United States, Germany, and Japan.

My pax (passenger) clocks another man in the face, he falls to the ground and his cell phone falls near him.

Two of his friends were already in my car, while him and another were arguing with another party.

has been using female models to promote their burgers.

Specifically, they have been using bikini-clad women who seem unaware of the distinction between fast food and the male anatomy.

Kno.seeks to make a significant majority of the tools, data and ontologies developed under federal funding under an open source license for use by fellow researchers and often for broader use, especially when quality of software and tool are ready for external use.

We also endeavor to support the evolving standards and specifications in a variety of related fields through W3C and other channels.

Kno.has a history of developing community resources such as Semantic Web datasets, open source tools, and public services, which they have hosted for significant periods after the end of respective projects and/or made available through public or open source distribution channels. Tools & Services * Ontologies & Data Sets * Standards Kno.and its researchers have had significant impact on standards and have shown strong leaderships in standards activities.

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