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onique Ocampo has a lovely Valentine’s day post on the plight of the single Catholic woman.

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Sometimes meeting your spouse is a seemingly random act of providence that you could never have planned.

Or maybe your future spouse is your high school sweetheart. And that’s why it’s so important to pray as you seek a spouse.

Madeleine Teahan says more and more Catholics are trying out dating websites.

And, what's more, they work In March 1920 an advertisement appeared in a German Catholic newspaper that would change the history of the Catholic Church.

God, in his providence, can arrange circumstances or seemingly chance meetings that you could never have planned.

But no matter how you meet your spouse, trust me, there are many beautiful, virtuous, and holy young women out there, and they are praying for a husband. Church – The best way, in my opinion, to meet a good Catholic woman is through your parish.

It read: “Middle ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43-years-old, immaculate past, from the countryside, is seeking a good Catholic pure girl, who can cook well, and who can do all housework, who is also capable of sewing and a good homemaker in order to marry at the soonest opportunity.” It was through the Altöttinger Liebfrauen Messenger newspaper that Joseph Ratzinger met Maria Peintner.

They soon married and Maria gave birth to three children; Georg, Maria and Joseph.

I don’t even know how to get a bloody date in the first place (because there are no single Catholic men, much less ones that have ever shown an interest).

Monique offers some vague hopes and a lot of commiseration – but admits that she has the same problem, and doesn’t have a solution to it.

In our busy single lives, how often do we attend Mass at the same time and same location every week?

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