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Das 5:5 der Damen gegen Schwarzenbek fühlte sich letztlich wie eine Niederlage an, da unsere Mädels nach einem 1:3 Pausenstand eine tolle Aufholjagd starteten, nach Einzelsiegen von Na Yin, Tessy, Theresa und Ann-Kathrin mit 5:3 in Führung gingen und Ann-Kathrin im letzten Spiel des Tages unglücklich mit im Entscheidungssatz unterlag.Besonders weh tat der Doppelverlust von Na Yin und Ann-Kathrin, die im 5. Tessy und Theresa hatten den ATSV nach sehr guter Leistung im Anfangsdoppel in Führung gebracht.

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Social The Frames & Furniture conservation studio farewelled Emma Rouse who contributed greatly to the smooth and cheerful organisation of the lab given existing staffing and workload.

In July we welcomed back Mary Jo Lelyveld from maternity leave to her position as Coordinating Conservator.

Strayer File Roy Gane, Andrews University File Rusbel Dominguez presents on the "Development of a spectrometer for diffuse reflectance of human skin for scientific and dermatological studies", Sarah Burton File Ryan Hayes presents "Preparation, isolation, and characterization of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines derived from arginine", Sarah Burton Screening for Eating Disorders Utilizing the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Roseann M. Tonstad The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day, Sigve K. Folsom, Jeanne Wanzek, Christopher Schatschneider, and Richard K.

Hutagaol Romans Were Known for Their Aquaducks: And Other Gems of Wit and Wisdom in Western Civilization, Brian E. La Rondelle The Literary Structure of the Genesis Creation Story, Jacques Doukhan The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day, Sigve K.

Sardar P-60 Let All the People Praise Thee: Early Lutheran Chorales and the Priesthood of All Believers, Way Anne Watson P-61 Gravitational Waves and LIGO, Tiffany Summerscales P-61 The Derivation of Identity: Gender, Masculinity, and Sexuality in Coriolanus, Matthew Chacko P-61 The Dual Legacy of Jonathan Edwards’s Conception of the “Union with Christ” Motif, Aldar Nommik P-62a/b, Hyun Kwon P-62 Evaluating the mechanical properties of Dielectric Electro Active Polymer (DEAP), Boon-Chai Ng P-63 The Global Classroom, Laura Racovita P-64 Biblical Diagnosis: A Tool for Helping Professionals, David Sedlacek P-65 The Role of African American Clergy in Reducing Mental Health & Substance Abuse Disparities and Increasing Treatment Linkages for Congregants, Curtis Vander Waal P-66 Antimicrobial Activity of Boronic Stilbenes, Rozaleth Role, Karen Reiner, Desmond H. Scott P-74 Hip Muscle Endurance in Individuals with and without Patellofemoral Pain, Gregory Almeter, A. Seminar on Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Duane C. Wright Study of Fluid Characterization by Interferometry Techniques, Lizsandy Torres Su Palabra permanece para siempre, Felix H. White's Trinitarian Statements by Her Contemporaries, 1897-1915, Denis Kaiser The Reception of the Priestly Laws in Deuteronomy and Deuteronomy’s Target Audience, Benjamin Kilchör The Relationship Between Experiences of Master of Divinity Students at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary and Their Spirituality, Choung Sook Cho Link The Relationship Between Gender and Heterosexual Attitudes Toward Homosexuality at a Conservative Christian University, Herbert W. La Fave, and Omar Gomez The Relationship Between Internal-External Locus of Control and Evangelistic Success as Evidenced by a Selected Group of Ministers in the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Kembleton S. Chester Towards a Latino/a Vision/Optic for Biblical Hermeneutics, Ruben Munoz-Larrondo Typological Structures in the Old and New Testaments, Richard M.

Search for Gravitational Radiation from Intermediate Mass Black Hole Binaries in Data from the Second LIGO-Virgo Joint Science Run, Tiffany Summerscales and LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration Search for Gravitational Wave Ringdowns from Perturbed Intermediate Mass Black Holes in LIGO-Virgo Data from 2005-2010, Tiffany Summerscales and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with γ-Ray Bursts Detected by the Interplanetary Network, Tiffany Summerscales and LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, and IPN Collaboration Second Advent History, Isaac Wellcome Second Advent History, Isaac Wellcome and Gary Land Secrets of a Happy Heart, Hyveth Williams Sermon Application: Development of Principles and Examination of Selected Sermons, Nikolaus Satelmajer Servants and Friends: A Biblical Theology of Leadership, Skip Bell Service and Mentoring in Prevention of At-Risk Behaviors. Mc Bride, Yvonne Terry-Mc Elrath, Jamie Chriqui, Jean O'Connor, Curtis Vander Waal, and Karen Mattson Student Perception of the Attributes of Peer Mediators: Implications for Program Improvement, Michelle Maree Bell Students' Comprehension of the Almeida Version and a Modern Version of the Bible in Portuguese (A Biblia Na Linguagem de Hoje) In Selected Public Schools of Brazil : A Comparative Study, Jose Carlos Ebling Study of Experimental Validation for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Gener Aviles-Rodriguez Study of Factors Which Influence the Involvement of Baby Boomers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Metro-atlanta, Edward E. Peckham The Macedonian Call: Regional, Religious, and Political Identities and the Austin School of Theology (1882-1895), Michel Sunhae Lee The need for a Biblical theology of holistic mission, Wagner Kuhn Link The NINJA-2 Project: Detecting and Characterizing Gravitational Waveforms Modeled Using Numerical Binary Black Hole Simulations, Tiffany Summerscales and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration The Perceived Adequacy of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria and the Administrative Problems in Staffing the Programs, James Dele Owolabi The Perception of Government Legitimacy and Willingness to Seek Help, Ezra M. Raveloharimisy The Predictive Roles of the Personal Variables and the Leader Attributes and Behaviors of Department Chairpersons Regarding the Outcomes of Leadership as Perceived by Department Members in Selected Jamaican Universities, Vivienne Lyn Quarrie The Psychosocial Determinants of Middle- and High-School Violence: an Investigation of the Perceptions of Parents of Children Suspended for Committing Violent Acts at School, Beverly Cameron The Quest for “La Sapienza”: Elaborations on Roy Bhaskar’s Critical Realism, Ante Jeroncic The Reception of Ellen G. Abrahamson Toward Enhanced Military Chaplaincy Education at Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Michael A. Phillips, and Laurie Taylor Academie to atelier : the artistic education of American women in nineteenth-century Paris, Anna Estes A Case for Enhanced Sales Curriculum in University Business Programs, Kyla Duffy A Case Study of the Economic and Environmental Impacts from a Bio-fuel Facility (Southwest Georgia Ethanol, LLC) on the Surrounding Communities, Southwest Georgia, Jessie Edgar A Case Study: Recycling in the Residence Halls at Howard University, Emily Dippold Accuracy of Boulder County’s GIS Parcel Mapping: An examination of GIS cadastral mapping compared to Land Surveys, Kayce D.S.-Based Business Process Outsourcing Companies Nearshoring to Honduras, Grecia Lorena Rivera Antunez Administrative Capacity Baseline Evaluation Criteria Design for U. Cafferky Scriptural Foundations for Marketing, Bruce Wrenn, Harwood Hoover Jr., and Jacquelyn Warwick Scriptural Foundations for Microeconomics, Harwood Hoover Jr. Pelenovich State Methamphetamine Precursor Policies and Changes in Small Toxic Lab Methamphetamine Production, Duane C. Tonstad The Love of God: A Canonical Model, John C. Smith Toward a Holistic Interdisciplinary Model of Human Being: a Hebraic-Christian Perspective of the Human Observer and its Beneficial Impact on the Theology-and-Science Dialogue, Society, and the Environment, Karen K. Woodka Scriptural Foundations for Accounting, Carmelita Troy and Le Roy Ruhupatty Scriptural Foundations for Business Communication, Verlyne Starr Scriptural Foundations for Management, Michael E. Tonstad The Lost Meaning of the Seventh Day, Sigve K. Scott To the Edge and Back Again: Tanzania as a People and a Place, Kylene N. Horn Archaeological Museum, Andrews University Link To Wait in Tier 1 or Intervene Immediately: A Randomized Experiment Examining First-Grad Response to Intervention in Reading, Luana L. Wagner Toward a Caring Ministry: an Investigation Into the Needs and Concerns of Divorced or Separated Persons in West Indian Churches of the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Alanzo H.Beide Teams mussten sich mit einem Unentschieden zufrieden geben, was besonders die 1.

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