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But today it is scattered with posts by people like myself going back to see what’s happened to their favorite chat.As the chatter stated in his post there was no Facebook or smartphones, Chat Sites were the social media of the day.A video camera icon indicates whether video is available for each participant.

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Either technology gains have left them vulnerable to exploit or the cost to run and update the site was more than was being generated.

Sites like The-Park founded in 1994 grew to 700,000 registered members before shutting down in 2001.

Those of us who were chatters in the 1990’s might find ourselves looking around our virtual landscape of today, blinking profusely while asking, “What happened to my favorite chat site?

” Most of the quaint chat sites we grew up on have vanished.

The chat will end once there are no users participating. By creating an account, you will be able to put up your photo and save your settings.

Sign up for an account by clicking on the Sign Up link on the top of the login box at the top of this page.

I've had no end of problems with my logitech webcam and flash apps like userplane. Suddenly my cam became super zoomed in the userplane chat room.

Long story short I'm using 8.04 and my logitech webcam was working perfectly with userplane chat. This problem I have experienced so many times before but I never knew why.

A chat the company hosted with William Shatner had 8,000 people in it.

You can chat only via text, or if you have a Webcam set up, you can make your video stream available.

Anyway, everything was going along fine until I installed the webcam package called cheese.

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