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I recently had a client who was confused about the different children's book formats. I remember when I first started out to learn about children's publishing, I was confused by all the jargon myself. When you query a literary agent for example, you need to include the book genre and format in your query letter.

This is crucial information both for the purposes of writing your story, and for submitting your manuscript to agents and publishers.

If you think it IS easy, click on this link: Publish Children's Books Now It takes you right back to the top of this page. ") When art meets commerce, some ugly things happen.

I consider the people toward the top the least likely to succeed in a writing career. Maybe it's written for children and you're reading it as an adult! If it were so easy to write and publish children's books, there wouldn't be so many people trying it... You know, if this web page were a school, I think I'd call it the University of Slow-The-Heck-Down.

Now he wants to write kid's books Or maybe, just maybe, it's not a bad book.

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