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Jack's friend and editor is Robin, or pixlpit as his online alias.This is one girl who doesn't mind being described as fast. They were unwittingly a part of a prank from Ford that told the men they were being set up. Once inside, the macho men try to show off as the woman plays dumb.

Marzia is one of the most popular beauty and makeup-oriented channels; the rise of her channel and success can be attributed to her relation with You Tube's most subscribed channel Pew Die Pie in May 2014.

The Wall Street Journal reported that it attracts over 16 million viewers each month.

Meanwhile, Wallace Posey and Eddie Lee, two locksmiths working at Epman's estate, discover a large shipment of uncut cocaine.

They try to sneak out with a bag of coke, but two thugs, Logan and Bass, spot the men and open fire, killing Lee.

Pretty soon the guys' focus is off their date and just trying to hold on for dear life as she burns rubber on the pavement and does a few doughnuts that cause smoke to form all around the vehicle.

When it's over the gentlemen catch their breath and apologize for their earlier presumptions of her driving ability.

"I guess you're showing me how to drive this thing, aren't you?

Roz mentions her friend, Susannah, made the whole key lime pie from scratch, including the meringue and she fired the pie pan herself in her home kiln.

He created his account on February 24th, 2007, but he started uploading videos from November 12th, 2012.

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