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In doing some research into my disorders and trying to gather information for my X husband to better understand them and how to effectively deal with my disordered mind while I work on changing that aspect of myself (lets face it- this will take a while to change me, so in the mean time learning to work 'with' my mind instead of against it is good for him in the intrm- right?) I've found a lot of great information in various places of the internet.Personality disorders affect about 10% of the general population.

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The groups are designed to help those in treatment develop behavioral skills through group work and homework assignments.

These assignments provide individuals with the opportunity to practice learned skills in day-to-day life.

DBT, which can be used in a variety of mental health settings, incorporates the following five components: The standard form of DBT consists of individual therapy, skills training group, phone coaching, and a therapist consultation team.

Those in standard DBT attend therapy and a skills training group weekly.

, aims to treat individuals who see little or no improvement with other models of therapy.

This treatment focuses on problem solving and acceptance-based strategies within a framework of dialectical methods.

A much more descriptive label would be "emotionally unstable: personality disorder." The central feature of BPD is instability, affecting patients in many sectors of their lives.

Thus, borderline patients show a wide range of impulsive behaviors, particularly those that are self destructive.

I'd have much preferred the title of this article to be "5 great tips to dealing with your BPD" rather than, "Five common mistakes made by supporters of people with Borderline Personality Disorder" but it is what it is, and I can't change the authors title on him so yeah, think of them more as TIPS and not mistakes, because the outcome to understanding them and implimenting them could be a great help to you in the long run!

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