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His affluent lifestyle calls for a confident woman with intelligence and charm.As a man of self-made success, he wants the best return on his investment in business and in love.

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The actress, 31, was spotted zip-lining in Australia on Sunday with the 45-year-old Tesla founder.

If that wasn’t enough to confirm their long-rumored relationship, the duo both shared the same photo on social media Monday of Musk with lipstick on his cheek while dining out together.

Within a week of us dating, he was telling me to give up my job as a struggling writer so that we could hang out whenever he wanted. Over the next few months, I was flown around the world on a monthly basis to meet him, from Africa to Italy to Dubai.

We never flew together, because we were rarely in the same place at the same time, but I was too caught up in my new life to care.

Heard’s marriage imploded a year later with accusations of physical abuse.

They finally settled the divorce, issuing a statement that characterized the relationship as “intensely passionate and at times volatile …The aspiring woman not only supports him in all pursuits, but also adds value and adventure to his life.He is a sophisticated gentleman who seeks a woman with drive that parallels his own.After we'd exchanged a few messages, I saved his profile photo and put it into a search engine and that's when the penny (many, many pennies) dropped.Honestly, at first, it put me off, because it hadn't been my intention to bag someone like that, and I couldn't help but think, 'What on earth does he want with someone like me?A Group Of Guys Reveal Their Honest Opinions About Women Who Do Weirdest Tinder Dates Revealed On Reddit: 'I Watched A Guy's Cat Die' "Despite the high profile nature of several of its members to date, The Sloane Arranger is not about introducing people solely to millionaires," a spokesperson for the site tells Huff Post UK Lifestyle.

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