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Craig Johnson’s film is a Sundance-approved comedy-drama, which generally means one of two things: either the altitude in Utah (where the annual Sundance Film Festival is held) made everyone a bit dizzy, or the judges really cottoned on to something.

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Milo meets Maggie's gregarious husband Lance (Luke Wilson), who states that he and Maggie are trying to have a baby, which surprises Milo, as Maggie never wanted children.

Milo reacquaints himself with the town, and observes Rich (Burrell), a middle-aged man working in a bookstore.

They’re kindred spirits in a lot of ways, their inner lives defined by a suicidal father and an absent mother (Joanna Gleason), who pretends everything’s fine on her infrequent visits.

The film’s trajectory is bound to be therapeutic in some fashion, but the wrinkle that keeps things interesting is that Milo and Maggie are mutually disastrous amateur therapists – they have a habit of pulling each other down, not up.

Milo meets with Rich, who was his high school English teacher. Rich now has a 16-year-old son, and is dating a woman.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, long-time sparring partners on Saturday Night Live, finally have a movie to call their own in The Skeleton Twins.Craig Johnson (True Adolescents) is making his sophomore feature at the helm, co-writing the script with BAFTA nominee Mark Heyman (Black Swan).Producing the indie film are Stephanie Langhoff (Safety Not Guaranteed), Jennifer Lee (Mariachi Gringo), and Jacob Pechenik (Song One), with Johnson’s past collaborator Mark Duplass (True Adolescents) reuniting with him to executive produce alongside brother Jay Duplass (Jeff, Who Lives At Home) and Jared Goldman (The Wackness).Hader also got to remind fans of his impression of legendary actor Al Pacino, with the legendary actor supposedly taking part in Hollywood Game Night hosted by someone pretending to be Jane Lynch, described as ‘America’s number two lesbian.'After cast members pretended to be Morgan Freeman and Sofia Vergara - shown advertising a Pepsi can and bragging how she ‘just made one billion moneys’ doing so - and Wiig playing a drunk Kathie Lee Gifford sat next to water cooler full of wine.Hader also got to play a surfer dude who clearly did not know the hip lingo, a war veteran who disturbed other students at a puppetry class, and an aging local TV news reporter who kept hitting his interviewees with his microphone and getting grumpy with the show’s young presenter telling him what questions to ask.As the twins reconnect, they realize the key to fixing their lives may just lie in repairing their relationship.

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