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So the events led up to securing the console had the makings of a spy novel: a simple email with clandestine instructions, a meeting on the 13th floor within the Grand Lodge of the Free Masons, a darken conference room full of electronic gadgetries.

Then, the trip back to the office with 2 unmarked shopping bags.

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V.29 Rigged to Blow Dimitri Rascalov's missions V.30 The Master and the Molotov V.31 Russian Revolution Roman Bellic's missions cont.

V.24 Shadow V.25 Friends--Little Jacob V.26 Delivery missions V.26.a Cerveza Heights Carstack V.26.b Meadow Hills V.26.c Meadow Park V.26.d Willis V.26.e Meadow Park Festival Towers V.26.f East Island City Tunnel V.26.g Schottler V.26.h Beechwood City V.26.i Outlook Park V.26.j Steinway V.27 Random Characters--Badman V.28 Brucie's Exotic Exports car theft missions Mikhail Faustin's missions cont.

A placement in local authority care costs an average of £150,000 a year.

If they each spent just a year in care, the bill would be £2.4million.

Accompanied each exclusive Xbox 360 is an aluminum attache case.

In it, all the necessary gaming accessories are inset into shaped foam lining.

Essentially a Xbox 360 Elite unit, Xbox took the coverings apart, then applied a montage of scenes from the long awaited Grand Theft Auto IV (4), with automotive paint onto both side.

A serial number was added, the entire package was gloss over with industrial strength clear coat.

£1,000 per annum for the eldest child, plus £700 per year for each additional child, which would be claimed by the person looking after the child.

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