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The activity that drew the most widespread moral disapproval, 88%, was “married people having an affair,” while the one that drew the least was “overeating” – although a sizable minority (32%) said that activity was morally wrong. It’s possible, therefore, that the difference between the 79% who say it’s morally wrong to cheat on one’s taxes and the 88% who say the same about cheating on one’s spouse is greater (or smaller) than those numbers indicate.

Judgments about right-and-wrong are by nature profound, and – in real life – often nuanced and situational.

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Interactive discussion within the framework of the UPR of Belarus demonstrated high interest in the experience of Belarus in the sphere of the whole complex of human rights.

Over 30 states, representing all regions of the world, clearly and unequivocally approved the policy of the Belarusian state on the motivation and protection of human rights.

Engaging in homosexual behavior and having an abortion are equally fraught.

Telling a lie to spare someone’s feelings is worse than gambling.

Before I begin though, I have to advise you that speaking some Russian (speaking Russian is a HUGE advantage as many women don’t speak English) is a huge bonus.

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