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They first met over a year ago, when Harman was in talks to star in Shilpa's home production.

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Here are the five lucky men with whom she had intimate affairs: 1: Aseem Merchant: Aseem Merchant was Priyanka Chopra’s first boyfriend when she started modelling.

She ditched him after becoming the Miss World in the year 2000.

2007 - 2009Priyanka Chopra dated Harman Baweja for over a year before calling it quits in early 2009.

They worked together on the movie "What's Your Rashee" afterward, and he said their personal relationship didn't affect their professional collaboration.

The diva has commented upon John’s cheating ways, but a source close to the couple says, “John and Bipasha had parted ways much before the split became public.

The relationship was on the rocks for many years and before the actual break-up, they had gone their separate ways a dozen times and later patched up. However, the last time they parted ways over two years ago, Bips had a much-publicized fling with Hollywood actor Josh while the two were shooting for Singularity.” The question is, after the steamy relationship, who has replaced John in the Raaz 3 Actress’s life?Harman is very close to Shilpa and Raj and he is starring in a film produced by them.Shamita and Harman’s love story kick start only after Harman starts filming for Shilpa’s production house.However, the relationship fizzled out just like the film did at the box office.But if a report in Spotboy E is to be believed, the two former lovebirds have rekindled their romance.Bipasha Basu, the dusky Bong beauty has been linked to a number of men in the recent past, but the latest whose name is associated with Bips is Harman Baweja.

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