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The 21-year-old, who has repeatedly passed wind in the house, yesterday said Altberg travelled too much for them to have a relationship, and went on: ''If someone else walked in now and they farted a lot you'd probably be the same.'' The housemates were looking forward to a meal of burger and chips planned by ex-footballer Vinnie Jones, but misery swiftly followed when Big Brother confiscated their food.

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, glamour model Nicola Tappenden and actor Stephen Baldwin had all been talking about nominations which meant everyone was punished.

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Night vision cameras showed Basshunter running his fingers through Katia’s hair and microphones picked up smooching noises as he pulled the covers over their heads.

But the former cocktail waitress - who is dating model Dan Turner - soon turned over and Basshunter spent the night sleeping wrapped around her.

After they were woken by Big Brother’s alarm at 10am today they lay in bed stroking each other’s faces.

Last night Trump made a surprise entrance during the housemates’ live Variety Show task, as R&B singer Sisqo, playing the part of a magician, made Lady Sovereign disappear, only for Trump to appear in her place.

'I don't think I have a boyfriend anymore.' she told Jonas. After kindly returning her purse, after she'd left it on a bus, the pair became friends - but, the relationship soon went a step further when the music producer kissed her in his home studio.

The Basshunter hunk jokingly responded by suggesting the couple get married. She told The News Of The World: 'It was an explosive night. He is very gentle, and attentive - he makes you feel like you're the only person in the world he has eyes for.' Adding: 'He is very flirty and has a magnetism where everyone who meets him wants to spend time with him, both women and also men who respected his prowess with the ladies and liked his sense of humour.'But Emely expressed surprise that Katia and Jonas had got it together, as she is not his usual type of girl.

They've only been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for a week, but Jonas Altberg and Katia Ivanova are certain to consumate their budding relationship according to his ex-girlfriend.

Emely Ljungvist says he is sure to go all the way with his Russian love interest, even more so because of the cameras in the house.

His touring schedule is so hectic he didn’t even know how often he played at unis, and sadly wouldn’t tell us whether Lancaster was his favourite.

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