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To ensure you have the latest information on current eligibility standards, you will need to contact your local recruiter.

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Located 20 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, the Wiesbaden military community is host to several tenant units, including: U. Army Europe Headquarters, 5th Signal Command, 66th Military Intelligence Group, 1st Air Support Operations Group, 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment, 485th Intelligence Squadron and the 7th Weather Squadron.

USAG Wiesbaden is a part of Installation Management Command. USAG Wiesbaden manages two major installations at Lucius D.

The Navy gave limited access to the USS Zumwalt to reporters last week, during the stealthy ship's first port stop in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Zumwalt is currently underway from it's birthplace in Maine to Baltimore, Maryland, where it is scheduled to be commissioned in October.

The AV-8B Harrier was a pioneering aircraft for its time.

Introduced in 1981, the Harrier was the first Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) jet aircraft in military service and will continue to be until it is replaced by the F-35B in the mid-2020s.

Guzman was convicted of committing a sexual assault in Port Angeles, Washington in May 2014, and then lying to Coast Guard Investigative Service agents about it in July 2015.

American Christopher Allen was killed Saturday morning when opposition rebels attacked the town of Kaya near the Ugandan border in South Sudan.

Bad news about the F-35's combat capabilities, development, and its cost is nothing new.

We've already reported on several bumps in the road for the fighter, including its dogfight with an F-16, potentially dangerous ejection seat, limited arsenal, and more! However, it's not all bad news - the F-35's stealthy external gun pod, which will be carried on the Marine Corp's F-35B and the Navy's F-35C, has finally been tested!

Failure to register is a felony and can limit access to things like student loans and government jobs. Jeffrey Talley, chief of the Army Reserve and commanding general of Army Reserve Command, budget cuts have been taking a toll on both the readiness and modernization of the Army Reserve - even as the demand for Reserve soldiers and their unique capabilities is on the rise.

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