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But, you can also view it in list form below, with links to the Android Market for each of the widgets.

One of the biggest advantages of Android over i Phone is widgets. Widgets are valuable because they give you an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information and quick access to valuable apps and configuration settings.

I carry both an Android phone (for work) and an i Phone (my private phone), but there are some things where I always reach to whip out the Android phone because I can access the information more quickly via a widget.

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After updating the software from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 I noticed that my RSS feeds stopped updating. I expect you've created a Display Profile in the CMS which is preventing the Player from connecting to the CMS except for a very small window over midnight.

After trying steps to get them to update I ended up assigning the players the default layout from Xibo rebooting the players and then reassigning them my current layout with successful results. If you fill either apply the patch mentioned above or set a wider window you will be OK Oh right.

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Feel free to delete this widget and use the Twitter app instead.” It is rather surprising Twitter has decided to drop widget support for their Android app.

The developers tasked with updating the app over there at Twitter probably have their reasons for this move which I can bet is maybe they have data on its use, which I presume is quite low so it warrants dropping support for it.

When widgets were introduced on Android, they saved you the trouble of launching the app to access some of its features.

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