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I tested out the rules because they could break their own. I shockingly Emailed Chris (the owner of the chatroom) and asked for an unban and he said you'll have to wait until a month and then went on to tell me that I got banned for not one rule but 3, he went to tell me what was up and I did NOT promote catholicsm. We as christians are supposed to love and talk with all not divide and condemn and judge... Yes, there are a lot of pharisee-ic people, even a lot of pagans and anti semitic judgemental people who prefer to judge you by their flawed standards which they themselves could not keep.

I went in there (hearing that this chat room was horrible, I didn't listen but I should've) asking if they were anti catholic. From then on it was them asking questions and attacking me (rule breaking on the people AND mods). NOT thinking about it, I got on my phone and asked if I could get unbanned, they said to email chris. YOU CAN' T do it, but we can because we are awesome haters. It is not really a strictly christian site, as I understand a christian site should be.

The mods and the administration are NOT CHRISTIANS. It also seems extremely anti-Catholic even though it is "Christian" chat.

Just think about this really well if you consider joining it. The vast majority of the people on there jump on everyone else as soon as they can to prove that they are right.

To combat these amazingly byzantine rules, a system of allowing users to enter likes and dislikes to their profiles was instituted.

Now users can attempt to stop people from banning them by adding "being banned" or "Remote: Banned" to their dislikes, which creates a magical shield that prevents banning them.Soulseek is a centralized P2P filesharing network, largely inhabited by basement-dwellers.It is notorious for it's IRC-esque chat room network, as well as the overblown, immature & unwarranted attention sparked by the retarded dramas that occur on a virtually day-to-day basis thanks to burnout hipsters with no life & an inevitably bleak future ahead of them.But I love non-adult long conversations in private equal.I do privates for the most reasonable price per minute.There intention to help Christians share for spiritual advancement is commendable but tensions build often at times since it is a mixed group..sorry to see the lite to moderate toumoils..I visit a little anyway. I kept making it a point to point out what I could see, and they finally found a reason to do it too.... christianchat is a scam asking you for money to build their mobile app for their chatroom.

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