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Dennis of Remeoville, Illinois, is winding you all up. The state song of Mississippi is "Go Mississippi" by William Houston Davis, who was born in Oklahoma in 1914 but moved to Mississippi during WWII.

As if a song called "You Oughta Know" about a failed love affair would have been made a state song!

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Her second album released in 1992 however, continued more "thoughtful lyrics".

Morrisette was compared to the likes of Tiffany and her second album sold nearly half of what her first album sold. In 2005 Morrisette became a citizen of the United States, while maintaining her Canadian citizenship.

Her debut album "Alanis" was released in 1991 in Canada only.

She was nominated for three 1992 Juno awards, and she won "Most Promising Female Vocalist Of The Year".

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They both had over-the-top '80s fashion when they were famous (The Eighties reached Canada late).

Both have disowned their teen pop pasts and become a lot darker and snarkier since.

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