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[Challenge the prison in the underground of the Empire] -----[ The Prison Boys ]-----"◆◇ -- You will like it...

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Sometimes you get hints and keys from conversations and items to solve the problems…Rely on your own deductions and solve the mystery.◆◇ -- Brief and Features -- ◇◆* [Solving -problems Escape-game] It's a new genre that has both features of escape games and a novel.* The mystery/detective game that you can enjoy both the story and problem solving.* The story is dozens of times the volume of an escape game. Please manage your data/app yourself.* We refund purchased items.* We don't recommend installing the app to your tablet.

On some tablets, it might not work properly.* Please play it when you have an internet connection.(* Some data loss may occur)▼Regarding derivative works and videos.

Taking them somewhere you already have or taking one of the just hang out sort of options just passes time in a way that accomplishes nothing.

You get unique dialogue in certain places, and, sometimes, you get things to put on your shelf (though that may be just for taking people out to certain places in genera). I remember Temperance you get a couple of extra scenes post confidant if you're in a relationship.

The main character, Tetsu Akatsuki witnesses an incident in 12-Story Prison which is one of hub of Secret Police…

The closer he gets to the truth, the more he finds that the dark of 12-Story Prison is deep.

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