Aidan davis and dionne bromfield dating

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Soon the presenters and the audience are jumping and singing along together to Pixie Lott’s hit Kiss The Stars Tonight.

Watching in the studio, the sense of innocent fun is infectious.

We hope to see more of his success in the coming months and years!

Earlier in the day, Dionne, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, and one of her best friends Tyler James were moved to tears by messages of support and love from fans laid outside the London house where Amy died a year ago.

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They look like the cool older kids in the playground, inviting you to share in their fun.

Six fashionably dressed teenage presenters stride confidently onto a stage in a studio in BBC Television Centre — to a chorus of screams from the over-excited audience of 100 or so children, aged between eight and 14.

The idea is that it is billed as “the instant download for the week ahead”.

The hour-long magazine show, which airs on CBBC on Fridays at 6pm and is repeated on BBC2, has become essential viewing for the target audience of under-12s. It has been among the most popular CBBC shows on i Player, and often trends on Twitter — proof that it attracts older teens.

He finished fifth place overall and later that year he toured the United Kingdom, making live performances with the series' other finalists.

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