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10 in, tall, 180 lbs., light hairy chest, average build.

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He has plenty to smile about because "life is beautiful". Los Angeles-based photographer Conan Soranno died this week after a prolonged struggle with illness and having faced the myriad of challenges standing between people without adequate health coverage and the treatment they need to stay alive. On August 20th I started vomiting buckets full of blood. My rational that kept me out of the hospital was I couldn’t go because then I couldn’t sell my jeep and then I would be able to pay rent.

One of Sorrano’s friends tweeted his final Facebook message in hopes of spreading the word that lack of coverage, inadequate coverage and poverty can be lethal under our current healthcare system, even under the now-threatened Affordable Care Act.“This weekend was hell, but it has allowed me to bring up a serious topic. Pretty fucked up that some people have to make hard decisions like that. I didn't like the winner last season but that's nothing new. But I've been watching it since Season 1 and I'll continue to watch.

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Step back into the past with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg living history museum, or stroll through the narrow streets of a quaint island, abundant with crab shanties, and listen for a unique native accent thought to be nearly unchanged since the days of the first English colonists.

Almost every book in there contains a plea or request, and page after page points to another reason we need a Savior.

• Acacia Strain—Gravebloom • Adams, Bryan—Wembley Live 1996 • Beach Boys—Sunshine Tomorrow • Beach House—B-Sides & Rarities • Beau Brummels—Very Best Of: Complete Singles • Broadbent, Alan/London Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra—Developing Story CD/LP • Burning Ghosts—Reclamation • Cash Box Kings—Royal Mint • Celtic Frost reissues—This Is The Sounds, Innocence & Wrath, Into The Pandemonium, Morbid Tales, To Mega Therion, Vanity/Nemesis, Native Heart CD/LP • Chesnutt, Cody—My Love Divine Degree CD/LP • Coleman, Steve—Morphogenesis • Dear Hunter—Act I II III • Depeche Mode—Exciter, Playing The Angel reissues • Duvelle, Charles/Hisham Mayet—Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora Duvelle’s pioneering field recordings from Africa, southeast Asia and beyond…comes with coffee table book. • Congos—Heart of the Congos • Cranberries—Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can’t We • Culture—Two Sevens Clash reissue • Cure, The—Greatest Hits Acoustic • Cure, The—Greatest Hits limited-edition 2LP • Difranco, ani—Binary • Erasure—World Be Gone • Fall, The—Perverted By Language • From First To Last—Dear Diary…

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If you ever feel at a loss for what to pray, there’s no better guidebook for petitions to our Heavenly Father than the very book He wrote—the Bible.

Because of these improvements, hundreds of thousands of people to find love online and more join their ranks every day.

Good kids."La La Land" comes up while we are discussing music, and how much they enjoyed it. Then a song from the Glee soundtrack comes on and one of the boys says they were listening to it on their way to the property. I'm 99% sure my cousin knows I'm gay, but seems blissfully unaware of the ambiguous sexuality projected by his two best friends.

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