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These rules brought order and civility to the use of the new technology.Sometimes these advances have been termed disruptive technologies (Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School).

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Rating: PG13 Warnings: Any country girls out there for me.

Many lives were lost and much property was destroyed as a result.

Over time, government and society developed written and unwritten rules as to the proper use of the car.

Introduction Some of the marvelous things about living in this day and age are the electronic tools that have been invented.

Computers, cell phones, pagers, cable and satellite TV, PDAs, DVD, Internet, etc.

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And it has been known to grow with time, if you spark mentally and emotionally with a person who might not have bowled you over with their looks on first or second glance. But we got along fabulously as platonic friends for years before we got together, fell in, and went together like ham and eggs when it worked.

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