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Looking for a simple rewards card you can use everywhere, without giving it a second thought? This is a solid card that offers good rewards for no annual fee: the 2% cash back is the best you’ll find being regularly offered on a rewards card like this.

The 0% intro APR is also quite long at 15 months, giving you some extra time to pay off purchases for free.

The following communication was sent from Pay Pal regarding merchants that currently process American Express payments.

For many others, notions of secrecy and keeping things “hidden” are top of mind when thinking about privacy.

More than a year after contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents about widespread government surveillance by the NSA, the cascade of news stories about the revelations continue to register widely among the public.

As part of this agreement, Website Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal US merchants that desire to continue accepting American Express will need to log into their Pay Pal accounts to accept American Express terms, or else lose the ability to take American Express payments.

Also, merchants processing via Website Payments Pro or Virtual Terminal in certain business categories (listed below) will not be able to continue accepting American Express in July 2010.

Across the board, there is a universal lack of confidence among adults in the security of everyday communications channels—particularly when it comes to the use of online tools.

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When Americans are asked what comes to mind when they hear the word “privacy,” there are patterns to their answers.

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