Accomodating resistance exercise machines

If load is placed with no joint movement it's a "static" resistance, although I would never use that term.

It's, as has been pointed out, called isometric resistance.

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Several people have asked why you would ever need the band pegs or chains to do your everyday squat or bench.

In this post, I cover what accommodating resistance is and the benefits of using this form of training.

For example, the leverage for most movements is typically greater toward the end of the concentric phase and so more weight can be used.

VRT allows extra resistance at the point where you are strongest.

Variable resistance implies that the load against the prime movers varies through the range of motion of the movement.

A 10 pound dumbell is a constant resistance through the ROM.You'll feel the least strong in this area because this is where the joints are at the their greatest disadvantage in relation to the load being applied to them.It's often what lifters call their "sticking point." Every exercise has a resistance curve.NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.Each rack has lower band pegs, and almost all of the racks have chains on the hooks at the top of the rack.Machines that employ a cam are considered to modify the effective load against the prime movers through the ROM.

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