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This has the effect of increasing the resistance toward the end of the concentric phase of the lift.VRT is a relatively new aspect of training, and as such has not been well studied.Accommodating hydraulic resistance is concentric (positive) exercise only; there is no eccentric loading of muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness.

Each time you incorporate a different tool, such as a band, a weight releaser, or a specialty bar, you are establishing a new variation.

You may find that you do not have access to all of these different tools.

to make suitable or consistent; adapt: to become adjusted or adapted.

In the world of strength and conditioning and performance enhancement, scientific research findings are vastly improving training methodologies program models, and equipment design.

For example, the leverage for most movements is typically greater toward the end of the concentric phase and so more weight can be used.

VRT allows extra resistance at the point where you are strongest.Variable Resistance Training (VRT), sometimes called accommodating resistance, is a type of training that I’ve been interested in for a while now, and which has been a part of the powerlifting community for even longer.VRT is what you’re seeing when a lifter adds elastic bands or chains to the bar before a lift.The basis of its effects and effectiveness are largely anecdotal.In a recent study in the The proposed reasons to use VRT are numerous.Each mechanism has its benefits and negative aspects. Weight Stack or Leverage Machines isolate/recruit prime movers while the athlete follows the restricted range of motion designed into the machine.

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