Accomodating cuts

However, employers may want to develop formal policies and procedures for several reasons.

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You might think I cut my own hair because I'm a cheapskate.

There were times (good times) when that might have been a fair accusation, but these days I like to think it's demonstrably false.

Each of these includes regulations and provisions for the participation of individuals with disabilities. IDEA regulations define “nonacademic services and extracurricular activities” and include athletics in the definitions (.306(b)).

Section 504 regulations also include athletics in their definitions (34 CFR 104.3(a)(2)).

Limited opportunity for athletic participation is provided to students with disabilities, a circumstance many parents have begun to challenge.

These challenges have reached the federal courts and the implications of recent decisions are forcing local public schools systems (LSS) to evaluate how they are athletically accommodating students with disabilities.

The staff is so friendly and attentive and always goes above and beyond for their clients. First, I would like to say that Flavia at this salon gives an excellent haircut, BUT I caution anyone against letting her give you highlights. I even cautioned her midway that she was doing too much. She knew she screwed up as she offered to "tone it down," which would alter what was left of my natural color. BTW, Aveda is not the warm and fuzzy company they portray themselves as being. I love telephoning and getting Diana who seems able to work miracles with bookings. Coffee tea, water and lemonade are generously administered. I have become a loyal and satisfied local customer, formerly a skeptic from the city. Bianca gave me highlights and a haircut that are so great that i've been getting compliments left and right ever since.

I would recommend this salon to anyone and everyone! I made an appointment for a PARTIAL head of highlights and was so articulate in telling her I really only wanted a few done. She fried my hair, which was in excellent condition when I entered this salon. On their website and in their literature a partial highlight procedure is - 5. She spreads a happy confident atmosphere in her wake. I always leave feeling renewed both outside and spiritually. There is parking in the rear and also a lot down the block so its very easy to park the car if you're not on foot.

Second, a formal policy that is shared with employees helps employees know what to expect if they request an accommodation and also helps them understand that other employees might be requesting and receiving accommodations.

Finally, formal procedures help employers document their efforts to comply with the ADA. Where can employers get sample accommodation policies and procedures?

I don't remember why, but I ran out onto the street, and no cajoling nor ultimatum could bring me back into the shop.

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