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If you’re familiar with any of the reality dating shows that are being parodied here, like , then the seamless job copying these programs should be abundantly clear.

As the four dates try to win the heart of Courtnee (a burgeoning veterinarian’s assistant who loves animals, hanging out with family, and going outside), the episode is overloaded with obnoxious cartoonish graphics that attempt to be the punchline to every line of dialogue.

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Chances are that your favourite 90s movie was Pretty Woman also.

And needless to say you were fuming when Cilla exposed that Cosmo journalist as coming on for an article.

Then they go on TV and all three of the guys (or girls) are given quotes from the three they dated and have to pick who said what. Also he kept things from getting TOO nasty if one date went terribly wrong (although those were the funniest).

It all led to some truly funny stories about the dates. Also I hate these shows that go out of their way to humiliate people--this show didn't.

superstar and the vaguely enthused voice of Mercedes-Benz, failing to sell a lucky lady a night of “fabulous food, a little fabulous conversation, with a fabulous foot massage for an evening of total fabulosity” back in the mid-’90s. That was 1995, and I was all of 24 years old and making questionable decisions with my life.” Don’t be so hard on yourself, Jon Hamm.

(Note to kids: It was a very scary and confusing time. Every person in 1995 Los Angeles (1) was required to be on a bad dating show, preferably hosted by a guy whose life would later be complicated by an actor with the same name and (2) had that haircut or the one stolen from Art Alexakis by Captain Spontaneous Vibes. We all — every last one of us, foot massage or no foot massage — pick you now.

The actor was seen being interview by Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia on the TV series, which only ran for two seasons in 19.

God's Gift was originally presented by Davina Mc Call before being taken over by Claudia, and saw five males perform numerous games to test their sex appeal.

Ask your parents about their Candlebox CD.) On last night’s , grand talk-show inquisitor Craig Ferguson finally made Hamm answer for his baby-faced, twentysomething self; Hamm, as you might expect, did not duck the line of questioning, since the intervening two decades have more than proven his formula works.

In this show, a single woman would be given a choice of eligible bachelors, who would preen, flex and otherwise show off in the hope of arousing her interest.

It aired during the early hours and saw the eventual winner take someone of their choosing for a night out together.

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