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Terrain elevations are described as the height above the Earth Gravitational Model 1996 (EGM96) geoid, not the WGS84 reference ellipsoid.

Mean sea level (MSL) is a measure of the average height of the ocean's surface (such as the halfway point between the mean high tide and the mean low tide); used as a standard in reckoning land elevation.

Companies looking to develop an in house marketing team could also follow this plan.

In the US, Google enjoys roughly double the market share of Bing and Yahoo combined.

Many professional analysts object to the term wargames as this is generally taken to be referring to the civilian hobby, thus the preference for the term simulation.

Simulations exist in many different forms, with varying degrees of realism.

Our aim is to provide a high-quality resource for like-minded people seeking friendship, dating and fun.

Growth in online dating has been phenomenal in recent years.

The World Geodetic System is a standard for use in cartography, geodesy, and navigation.

It comprises a standard coordinate frame for the Earth, a standard spheroidal reference surface (the datum or reference ellipsoid) for raw altitude data, and a gravitational equipotential surface that defines the nominal sea level.

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Individuals could use this knowledge to secure a job in SEO or to optimize their own website(s).

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