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On Tuesday Brielle and her boyfriend Michael Kopech had gushed about each other on social media as they celebrated one year of dating.Kevin Jones/Facebook Since Yahoo Parenting launched on Oct.This became known as the Written Torah, because it was written down and sealed before their entry into the Land of Israel.

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When one learns the laws in a deep way and applies them within a Jewish lifestyle, halacha becomes not a restriction, but a direction.

And when paired with the beauty of "remember," the coupling opens up a world without limitations -- a world of endless depth and opportunity.

Kim Zolciak shocked the Twitter verse on Wednesday with a sexually explicit tweet.

The reality star and mother-of-six appeared to joke publicly with Chrissy Teigen about pimping out her daughter Brielle, 20, so her son Kash, four, could get to meet John Legend.'@chrissyteigen soo ur hubby is comin to ATL may19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him!

23, the editors and writers have posted nearly 600 stories on the site.

They chose this article – originally published on Oct.In one breath, God said both, "Guard and remember the Shabbat." Love of God, time with family, reconnecting with friends and with oneself -- all these fulfill the commandment to "remember" Shabbat.But these beautiful concepts must also be grounded in a foundation of strength, a structure that will provide the soil in which these ideas can take hold, root and blossom.The word "Torah" literally means "teaching." Included in this Torah were many laws that the Jewish people became obligated in performing from that point on.Over the 40 years in the desert, the Torah was written down onto a scroll by Moses.This foundation is the commandment to "guard" Shabbat, as detailed in halacha, Jewish law.

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